The Best Bracelets for Your Brilliant Look

Here to bring you some of the most stunning collections and looks in bracelets, shop the Freeport, Illinois showroom of Frank Jewelers today!

Bracelets can be a very distinct way for a woman to assert her individuality and personal style. After all, bracelets a very visible piece of jewelry, accentuate a part of the body that people use when they communicate, and have enough size that they can feature elements that rings aren’t big enough to carry.

To that end, we here at Frank Jewelers would like to turn the spotlight on a few of our favorite designers of women’s bracelets in order to dazzle you with the possibilities in everyone’s favorite high-fashion wrist accessory.

Bracelet #1: Angelica “Capricorn” Zodiac Charm Bracelet

Angelica Bracelet at Frank Jewelers

Because bracelets are loved for their ability to express individuality, charm bracelets are always the first to fly off the shelf at Frank Jewelers.

The high quality of Angelica bracelets makes the designer a natural choice for the lady who wants a charm bracelet of unique taste. Moreover, the high-quality pink brass used in the bracelet’s design gives it a warm, rosy color that looks cute on any woman’s wrist.

We chose the Capricorn for illustrative purposes, but don’t fret—Angelica carries a whole selection of zodiac-themed bracelets, as well as charm bracelets with birthstones, charms for celebrations, and even bracelets for individual professions.

Bracelet #2: Le Vian Chocolatier Strawberry Gold Bangle with Chocolate Diamonds

Le Vian Chocolatier at Frank Jewelers

Le Vian’s selection is always such a delicious treat—and not just because the stunning diamonds in this piece are referred to as “chocolate and vanilla diamonds.” This diamond bangle is absolutely lustrous in 14-karat “strawberry” gold, and the delicate pave setting makes it seem like a river of glittering diamonds that are interwoven around a woman’s wrist.

Choosing this bangle is a way of adding a unique elegance to any wardrobe, and the combination of pink, brown, and white is sure to catch the attention of onlookers when added to a refined evening look out on the town.

Bracelet #3: Twogether Diamond Bangle

Twogether Bracelet at Frank Jewelers

Twogether is iconic for their motif of pairing two diamonds together. Whatever personal and special meaning that carries for the woman who buys Twogether jewelry is up to her, but it can’t be denied that the designer’s methods of locking two diamonds together is dazzling enough makes us swoon.

Twogether’s diamond bangle is cool and radiant, with its 0.33 carat of white diamonds set in a delicate frame of 14-karat white gold. Additionally, the hinged clasp of this bracelet gives it an extra level of security while being worn.

Trying to buy something special for that special lady in your life? Show her how much you care for her by getting this as a gift. Make sure to tell her which of the paired diamonds represents her!

Find Your New Bracelet at Frank Jewelers!

Boasting over 70 years of experience in bringing bracelets—as well as engagement rings and wedding bands, fashion rings, and necklaces, and Swiss-quality timepieces—Frank Jewelers is synonymous with luxury jewelry for shoppers in the Rockford, Monroe, and Sterling areas.

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