The Modern Art of Minimalist Jewelry in 2019

Do away with the clutter of 2018 with minimalist jewelry. This trend will make your new year feel fresh and light, the clean start we all deserve. Simplicity has never felt so divine.

The Modern Art of Minimalist Jewelry in 2019

Is it just us, or are the holidays kind of exhausting? It’s so much fun to pull out the stops for friends and family after being so well-behaved all year, but, to be Frank (pun absolutely intended), we could definitely use a break.

Minimalist jewelry is the detox salad of fashion and exactly the wake-up call your collection needs this January. Join us as we free ourselves of the messiness of our former, 2018 selves with minimalist jewelry perfect for everybody.

Minimalist Jewelry: Less is More (WAY More)

They say the best way to make a powerful statement is to leave a bit to the imagination. Minimalist jewelry does just that – characterized by the quiet dignity of an unhindered design, minimalist pieces usually feature a bare-bones canvas of gold or silver augmented with some singular central theme tying the piece together. This can be found in the shape, the size, or perhaps a precious stone dolloped in exactly the right place. Artful and contemporary, this style is perfect for the underground urbanite in us all.

Are you drooling yet? Read on to take a peek at some of our favorite trending styles in 2019.

Le Vian’s Best in Minimalist Jewelry

Le Vian’s enviable offerings are some of our favorites in a general sense. Many of their most popular styles fall squarely into the camp of minimalist aesthetic, and we couldn’t be more pleased to show you some of their finest.

Le Vian Minimalist Jewelry

For a minimalist gold fashion ring fit for any diva looking to take her evening look to the next level, Le Vian is a natural first choice. Luxury and minimalist design come together in perfect harmony.

This similarly-undulating minimalist diamond bangle is pristine in its genius simplicity. Wavy bands of rose gold harbor Le Vian’s signature chocolate and vanilla diamonds.

Top off your look with one of Le Vian’s minimalist diamond pendants. The contrasting metal composition and sophisticated shape draw attention without overwhelming your outfit as a whole.

More Minimalist Designs at Frank Jewelers

Minimalist Jewelry at Frank Jewelers

First of all, if you haven’t checked out the exclusive Frank Jewelers Collection, you’re missing out. It features a wide range of minimalist selections, including our exclusive minimalist solitaire pendant necklace just waiting to become your favorite new everyday go-to.

Femmes rejoice at the sight of A. Jaffe’s minimalist Seasons of Love white-gold diamond studs. Their minimalist floral design may be just the boost your favorite late-winter sweater and boots combo thirsts for.

Rhythm of Love Necklace and Earrings

Feel the Rhythm of Love with these stunningly minimalist drop earrings in sterling silver. Their hypnotizing design makes our hearts pitter-patter in the true spirit of their namesake brand. Same goes for this upscale minimalist halo necklace. Its unusual features and regal-retro vibe give a royal twist to any look, whether for day or for night.

Awaken Your Inner Minimalist with Frank Jewelers

As the foremost retailer in Freeport, Illinois when it comes to fine minimalist jewelry and accessories, we consider improving your look in 2019 our personal mission. With thousands of suitably minimalist pieces to choose from, we are number one in the greater northern Illinois region when it comes to minimalist fashion jewelry, minimalist bridal jewelry, and minimalist accessories for men.

If you’re searching for the next big thing in 2019, feel free to book an appointment with a highly-qualified member of our team of fashion lovers. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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