Determining Which Wedding Band is Right For You

Wedding band shopping is one of the best parts of the wedding planning process. You get to browse all your beautiful, luxe options and dream about which wedding ring will be perfect for you. However, while wedding band shopping is certainly fun, we know that it can also be a bit overwhelming at times. Shopping for a wedding ring isn’t quite like shopping for any other piece of jewelry. For one thing, there’s more pressure to make the right choice when you’re shopping for your wedding band, which you’ll wear every day once you tie the knot. Additionally, bridal jewelry shopping in general is unique, since you may be buying something that needs to be customized and/or made to order. 

The fact that shopping for a wedding band is different from shopping for other types of jewelry can make the shopping process more stressful-- but it doesn’t have to! If you learn more about the wedding ring shopping process and the steps you should take to find the right ring for you, finding your perfect wedding band can be easy and fun. So, to help you have the best possible wedding band shopping experience, below, we’re sharing the 6 things you should do when you’re shopping for your wedding band. 

1. Set Your Budget 

Before you start seriously shopping for your wedding band, you should set your budget. Whether your wedding ring budget will be big, small, or somewhere in between, it’s always a good idea to set your budget early. Having a maximum spend amount will help ensure that you don’t go overboard, while also helping you narrow down your style options-- it’s a win-win. 

There’s no set amount you need to spend on your wedding band. It’s commonly said that you should spend around 3% of your wedding budget on your wedding rings (couples often work their rings into their budget). However, we would recommend simply thinking about your desires and personal finances, then coming up with a budget that both you and your fiance are comfortable and happy with. 

2. Pick Your Precious Metal 

If you’re not sure where to start when picking out your wedding ring, try starting by deciding on your precious metal. If you want your wedding ring to match your engagement ring, this decision will be an easy one. You can simply choose yellow gold if your engagement ring is yellow gold, white gold if your engagement ring is white gold, and so on. But if you think you may want to have a mixed metal bridal set, consider your options and pick your favorite pairing. 

3. Consider Style & Engagement Ring Pairing 

There are so many wedding ring styles. There are classic metal bands, glamorous diamond eternity bands, delicate pavé diamond bands, elegant curved bands, chic half diamond bands, unique gemstone bands, romantic engraved bands, bold alternative metal bands, and so much more. The sheer number of wedding band options can be overwhelming, but if you get overwhelmed, try to just focus on which direction you want to go in. Do you want something bold and eye catching? Something delicate and understated? Something classic? Start the initial shopping process by simply browsing and seeing what you’re drawn to. Then, once you have a general idea of the feel you want, you can start narrowing in on more specific details. 

As you think of what you want for your wedding band’s style, you should also consider how your wedding band will pair with your engagement ring. Do you want your wedding band to sit flush against your engagement ring or would you be happy if there were a gap? Do you want your wedding band to share most of its design details with your engagement ring or do you want a more eclectic look? If you think you’ll often wear your wedding band alone, remember to also consider how it will look solo, which might impact your final choice. 

4. Know That You Don’t Have Get Matching Wedding Bands

Many people are under the impression that the bride and groom’s wedding rings have to match-- but this is definitely not true. In the modern era, it’s very common for each half of the couple to choose a wedding band with a unique look that fits their personal style. So, if you want a rose gold ring but your fiance wants a platinum ring, that’s not a cause for concern. You can choose to sport unique rings, rings that share similar elements, or rings that match perfectly-- it all comes down to what feels right to you as a couple. 

5. Hit the Jewelry Store Early 

It’s best to start searching for your wedding band early, since you need time to browse, research different styles, wait for your ring to be made or delivered, and get a final fitting to make sure your band feels flawless on your ring finger. It can take anywhere from a week to a couple of months to receive your ring after you order it, so be sure to order your ring well before your wedding date. 

6. Consider Comfort & Practicality 

The style of your engagement ring is important, but so is its practicality and comfort. Your wedding band is something you’ll wear every day. You want your ring to be a seamless part of your daily life, not something that you would be irritated by or worried about. So, remember to think about what wearing and maintaining your ring will be like. If you live a more active lifestyle, you may decide that you want something highly durable or perhaps something that’s very easy to clean. For example, you may want a plain metal band with a comfort fit or a diamond wedding band with sturdy bezel settings (rather than more delicate prong or pavé settings). Alternatively, you may decide that you’d be fine having a more high maintenance ring, since you know that its style will be worth it to you. Just consider what you’ll be happiest with long-term before you make your final decision. 


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