FAQ About Engagement Ring Sizing

It’s very common to need to get an engagement ring resized. People often need to resize their engagement ring right away if their significant other surprised them with a proposal, since it can be challenging to guess someone’s exact ring size. However, if your engagement ring needs to be resized, don’t worry. In most cases, resizing a ring is a simple process. And even in more difficult cases, you always have options if your ring doesn’t fit perfectly. Wondering which ring resize solution would be right for you? Find out below as we answer all the most frequently asked questions about engagement ring sizing. 

How should a ring fit?

Rings should fit snugly on your ring finger but should not be uncomfortably tight. You want to have to pull a bit to get a ring off, but you don’t want it to be so tight that it’s irritating or painful to wear. Note that you definitely don’t want your ring to be loose enough that it can come off on its own, with no pulling or resistance. That’s a sign that your ring size is too large. 

What’s the best way to measure ring size?

The best way to figure out your ring size is to have a professional jeweler take your size using a metal ring sizer. This will provide the most accurate results. Another fairly accurate way to figure out your ring size is to use a metal or hard plastic ring sizer on yourself. You could also find your ring size by measuring the inner diameter of a ring that fits you perfectly on the ring finger on your left hand, then looking up its size using a ring size chart. 

Note that while many websites suggest finding your ring size by measuring your finger size with string or a paper print out, we would advise against these methods. String can stretch when pulled taut and paper ring sizers can be printed at the wrong scale. While these ring sizing methods can give you an idea of your approximate ring size, they leave a lot of room for user error, so we generally advise against them.

What does it mean if your ring slips from side to side? 

Rings can sometimes slip from side to side when they’re slightly loose or when they’re top heavy (often due to a large center stone). If your ring is slipping from side to side, you can choose to have it resized a fraction of a ring size or choose to add a sizing assistant to your ring. A sizing assistant is a small bar or two small beads that is added to the center of a ring. A sizing assistant can decrease a ring by a quarter size, helping a slightly loose or unbalanced ring stay firmly in place. 

How much smaller or larger can you make a ring? 

Generally, a jeweler can resize a ring to make it up to two sizes larger or smaller. Resizing any further than two sizes away from a ring’s original size can put too much stress on a ring. 

How does ring resizing work? 

To make a ring smaller, a jeweler will cut out a small piece of the ring’s band, then solder the ring back together seamlessly. To make a ring larger, a jeweler will typically make a cut at the bottom of the ring’s band, then add a small, precisely sized piece of metal. Occasionally, a jeweler may also make a ring larger by stretching it. The stretching technique is best used for rings that don’t have any gemstones. It’s also best for minor size adjustments, since stretching a ring to increase its ring size substantially can sometimes distort its shape. 

Can all types of rings be resized? 

Many types of rings can be resized, but some cannot due to their design or materials.

u which feature diamonds or gemstones across the entire ring, usually cannot be resized due to their design. They typically don’t have enough exposed metal for a jeweler to work with. Additionally, stone placement and size can present problems if you attempt to resize an eternity ring. 

Another type of ring style that usually can’t be resized is a tension set ring. These rings require exacting proportions to maintain the pressure needed to hold diamonds or gemstones in place. A tension set ring would likely need to be remade entirely if it did not fit. 

Some other rings can’t be resized due to their precious metal. For example, rose gold tends to crack easily, so it may not be possible to resize a rose gold ring without damaging it. Then, tungsten rings and titanium rings are extraordinarily hard, which makes resizing them so challenging that most jewelers will not attempt it. 

How long does it take to resize a ring? 

Typically, it takes one to two weeks to have a ring resized, but the exact timeframe will depend on your jeweler’s schedule and how simple or complex your resize will be. 

How much does ring resizing cost? 

There’s no set cost for getting an engagement ring or wedding band resized, since the price of a resize usually depends on how complex the work is. If a ring has a simple design and only needs a minor adjustment, resizing it may cost less than $50. In more complicated cases, resizing a ring could cost several hundred dollars. 

What do I do if my ring can’t be resized? 

If your engagement ring cannot be resized, you have a couple of options. If your ring is too loose, you could wear a tighter ring on the outside of your engagement ring to help it stay in place. If your ring is too tight or it’s too loose but you don’t want to wear a second ring to keep it in place, you may need to talk to a jeweler about having the ring remade. 

At Frank Jewelers, we can resize rings and do custom work. So, if your ring has a design that makes it challenging or impossible to resize, we can fully recreate your ring when necessary. We’ll always work with you to see if there are other options that would be easier and more convenient than completely remaking your engagement ring. However, we’re capable of completely remaking designs in our showroom when necessary.


Need your engagement ring or wedding ring resized? Call us at 818.235.3169 or message us to make a repair appointment at our jewelry showroom in Freeport, Illinois. 

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