How to Hint at Which Engagement Ring You Want

There are many signs that indicate your partner could be planning to propose. In the months leading up to a proposal, your significant other might get more budget-conscious as they prepare to buy your engagement ring. Or perhaps you might find that one of your rings has gone missing then reappeared, or that the people in your life suddenly seem very curious about your ring size. Then, of course, the most obvious sign that your partner is going to propose is that they’ve told you so, either directly or indirectly. But whatever your reason for suspecting that a proposal’s in your near future, if you think your partner is planning to propose, you’re probably wondering about the ring-- and how you can make sure you get one you love. 

The most foolproof way to end up with a ring you’ll love is to just tell your partner that you want to pick out your ring together. However, we know that not everyone wants to go that route. Many people want at least some element of surprise when it comes to their engagement ring, even if they have certain guidelines in mind. Then, additionally, some people find it more meaningful to have their partner pick out their engagement ring, but, again, have some general preferences. 

If you want to guide your significant other toward your dream engagement ring without being too straightforward, we’re here to help. Below, we’re going over a few of the best sneaky, strategic ways you can hint at the type of engagement ring you want. 

“Accidentally” Leaving a Computer Screen Open 

Pinterest is an excellent tool for compiling engagement ring inspiration. And it’s also an excellent tool to use when you want to subtly let your partner know what you like in an engagement ring. 

To use this strategy, make an engagement ring inspiration board on Pinterest. Then, “accidentally” leave your board’s page open somewhere your partner will see it. If you share a computer, you could leave it open in a browser tab. If you live together, you could leave your computer screen open to your board while you’re doing something in another room. Then, if you don’t live together or share a computer, you could also try leaving your phone screen open to the Pinterest app. Or, lastly, if you don’t mind being a little more direct, you could simply send your partner a link to your engagement ring inspiration board.  

The key with this strategy is to have a clear indication of what you want on your inspiration board. You want your board to showcase a consistent engagement ring style so that your partner doesn’t end up getting confused. For example, if you only want a cushion cut diamond ring, don’t have any other diamond shape pinned to your board. Or if your dream ring is a rose gold halo diamond ring, don’t have yellow gold halo rings or rose gold solitaire rings on your board. 

The Commentary Route 

A simple, effective, and subtle way to drop ring hints is to comment on other people’s engagement rings. So, if your friend just got engaged and there’s something you love about her ring, comment on it to your partner. For example, “John picked out such a gorgeous ring for Sarah! I just love how elegant and beautiful the white gold solitaire setting is.” You could also do this with celebrity engagement rings, saying something like: “The ring A-Rod gave Jennifer Lopez is just stunning-- I think emerald cut diamonds are the prettiest shape.” 

In this same vein, you can use the commentary strategy to steer your significant other away from any kind of engagement ring you don’t like. For example, “Sarah’s princess cut diamond ring is perfect for her. But, personally, I just don’t understand the appeal of princess cut diamonds. I think round diamonds are so much more classic.” 

If your partner is planning on picking out your engagement ring soon, they’re sure to take note when you mention the things you do and do not like about engagement rings. So, comment away to nudge your significant other in the right direction! 

The Roundabout Friend Method 

Another way to help your partner find a style you’ll love is to enlist the help of one of your friends. If you let your friend know what you want and do not want in an engagement ring, she can reach out to your significant other and give them some guidance. This way, your engagement ring will still be a total surprise to you, since your partner will be picking it out without you. But they’ll also feel much more confident when they go ring shopping at the jeweler, as they’ll have some helpful guidelines to go off of. And, additionally, they’ll be able to get a second opinion on any rings they may be considering, which should make them feel more secure and excited about their final selection. 

Note that this strategy works well if you enlist a friend, but you could also enlist family members or other loved ones. For example, you could get help from your sister, your mother, your partner’s sister, your partner’s mother, your partner’s best friend, and so on. When picking someone to help you with this method, you just want to ask someone who you know has a good understanding of your style and preferences. 

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