Sunday, May 12th, is Mother’s Day for those in the United States. Across the globe, many countries celebrate mothers and their unending love for the people they’ve brought into this world. It’s easy to get swept away by the day-to-day stresses and forget to thank the women who made you into who you are. We put together a gift guide to showcase our favorite gifts to give to the women who have brought us support, laughter, and a lot of love over our lifetimes.

What To Get Your Mom

The Elegant, Sophisticated Mother

For the mom who is full of grace and beauty under pressure and seems too good to be true, we recommend our interlocking yellow gold and diamond pendant necklace. The yellow gold contrasted against the brilliance of the diamonds makes for a necklace that shines brightly and goes well with every outfit. It is a stylish and fantastic ‘thank you’ gift for the mother who taught you how to read, say ’please’ and ‘thank you,’ and pick out an outfit that stuns.

The Fun, On-The-Go Mom

If your mom is the kind of woman who is always on the go to new, fun places with her friends, we recommend our diamond and yellow gold heart-shaped studs. These earrings offer the perfect amount of fun without losing the functionality for someone who always has a class to partake in or a brunch to attend. These stud earrings won’t get tangled in her hair or need to be removed for most activities, making them both cute and ideal for a mom on the move.

The Artistic Mom

When your mom is an artist, finding the perfect piece of jewelry for someone as creative as her can be hard. That’s why mixable rings are the way to go. By purchasing a few stackable rings, your mom can mix and match for every outfit, mood, and event she attends. By utilizing the different colors and gemstones in our mixable ring collection you can gift your mom all her favorite colors while still giving her the ability to mix it up and express her unique personality.

What To Get Your Wife

The First Mother’s Day

Congratulations on your newest addition to your loving family! Your wife is probably feeling the effects of their birth and may be struggling to find comfort in the ways her body has changed. As this is her first Mother’s Day, giving her a pair of diamond stud earrings is an excellent way to say that you still think she shines as brightly as the day you two fell in love. As an added bonus, stud earrings are small enough that it’s hard for babies to grip with their constantly exploring hands!

The Experienced Mom

Your kids are full of life and opinions, and you want to thank your partner for raising them with you despite all the hardships and learning curves. We recommend the silver and diamond Mom heart-shaped pendant necklace. She will love the sweet sentiment behind the necklace and how beautifully the diamonds sparkle while the two of you continue to figure out how to raise the best kids possible.

The Empty Nester Mom

The kids are grown and have their own lives, but that doesn’t mean she’s any less of a mom. To thank her for her years of service and give her something as beautiful as she is, we can't talk about how perfectly this intertwined yellow gold and diamond necklace is. The necklace symbolizes the love and nurture a mother provides long after the children are gone. It’s the perfect accessory to gift to the woman you are proud to have been raised by.

The Bonus Mom Section

Not all moms are the ones who gave you life. Sometimes you get blessed with a step-mom who shows up for all your biggest moments to cheer you on or you have a mentor who becomes a close and loving confidante in your life. Whoever it is, giving them a bit of recognition is always greatly appreciated.

The Grandmother Who Cares

Whether your Grandmother is blood related or not, there is something to be said for being adopted by an older woman who is able to spoil you in ways that your parents couldn’t, while still being able to keep it real with you. For this woman, our favorite suggestion is our silver and gold interlocked heart shaped pendant necklace. The interlinked hearts symbolize the two of your hearts and how much you appreciate her showing up for you. It’s the perfect balance of simple and bold, allowing her to proudly wear it every day. 

The Not-So-Evil Stepmom

Despite what the media would have you believe, the wicked stepmother trope isn’t always accurate. For the bonus mom who has joined your family and made you feel even more loved, we have the perfect suggestion: our gold heart-shaped pendant necklace. The pendant itself shines brightly and seems to radiate life, much like the woman who has stepped up to be a part of your life. She may not have given birth to you, but by raising you like her own, she has made herself at home in your heart.

The Mentor Who Gave You A Boost

There is nothing like the admiration that comes from finding a woman who can inspire and guide you to become a better person. Whether it’s a personal or a business mentor, finding someone who shows similar passion and excitement for all the big breakthroughs in your life cannot be beaten. For her, we have a 14k diamond bracelet. Showing her just how much her guidance and support have changed you is difficult, but we think this bracelet is a great way to start. 

Mother’s Day is celebrated around the world, because everyone recognizes that without mothers (in whatever shape they take) we would not be the people we are today. Celebrating Mother’s Day gives us the perfect opportunity to set aside time to give a little back to the person who has loved and supported us every step we’ve taken. 

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