What Your Gemstone Jewelry Symbolizes

Gemstone jewelry is simply gorgeous. A vibrant gemstone piece can add a beautiful pop of color to any look. Then, in addition to being stunning, gemstones also come with beautiful symbolic meaning. Throughout the ages, each gemstone has been associated with various traits and properties. The symbolism attached to gemstones means that gemstone jewelry is more than just beautiful— it’s also meaningful. Wondering what your gemstone jewelry symbolizes? Read on to learn about the symbolism attached to some of the world’s most precious gems!

Blue Sapphire

Symbolizes: Fidelity, Wisdom, Faith

Sapphires are beautiful precious gemstones that come in a rainbow of hues. The most popular color of sapphire is the blue sapphire, which has been considered one of the most valuable gemstones for thousands of years. Blue sapphires are strongly associated with fidelity, which is why this gem was once the most popular center stone for engagement rings. In addition to symbolizing fidelity, sapphires are a symbol of wisdom, good fortune, spirituality, and kindness. Sapphires are also thought to bring good luck to those born in September, since sapphire is the September birthstone. 


Symbolizes: True Love, Balance, Self-Knowledge 

The emerald, a deep green precious stone, is known as the stone of love. Green is the color of the heart chakra and wearing an emerald is thought to bring true love to the wearer. In addition to being associated with love, the emerald is thought to be connected to self-knowledge, peaceful sleep, balance, and patience. In ancient times, the emerald was also often worn as a talisman to protect against evil spirts and improve health. The ancient Egyptian queen Cleopatra was famously an enormous fan of emeralds and she had a vast collection of emeralds (as well as peridots that she mistakenly thought were emeralds). In modern times, the emerald is often worn by those with May as their birth month for good luck, since the emerald is the May birthstone. 


Symbolizes: Royalty, Love, Good Health

Rubies have long been a favorite of royals, so this gemstone is commonly associated with royalty. Additionally, rubies are another gemstone that was often worn as a talisman in ancient times. In ancient India and Burma, people wore rubies for protection and peace. Ancient Greek women wore rubies to attract true love and physical beauty. In Medieval Europe, people wore rubies to attract love, wealth, wisdom, and good health. Today, the ruby is also known as the July birthstone and is thought to attract good luck when worn by those born in July. 


Symbolizes: The Sea, Youth, Courage, Metal Clarity 

Aquamarine is a glistening blue gemstone that is associated with the sea. In ancient times, many sailors wore aquamarine talismans for protection while out on open waters. In addition to being associated with the sea, aquamarine is thought to be a symbol of youth, fidelity, health, mental clarity, and courage. Aquamarine is also one of the two birthstones for March, so wearing aquamarine is considered lucky for those born in March. 


Symbolizes: Innocence, The Moon, Venus (The Goddess of Love) 

The pearl is a popular gemstone that is beloved for its radiant natural luster. The pearl is a gemstone that has had many meanings throughout history. Many different cultures have associated pearls with the moon, since white pearls very much resemble a softly glowing moon. Pearls have also been associated with the Greek goddess Venus, the goddess of love. In medieval Europe, pearls were associated with chastity and purity. Today, pearls are most commonly associated with innocence, beauty, and those born in June (pearl is one of the three June birthstones, alongside moonstone and alexandrite). In modern times, pearls are also thought to be a symbol of self-care, nurturing, healing, and sophistication. 


Symbolizes: Healing, Wealth, Positivity 

Citrine is the beautiful golden-yellow variety of quartz. The different varieties of quartz all have their own unique gemstone meanings (for example, amethyst is associated with peace and smoky quartz is thought to be grounding). Citrine is popularly known as “healing quartz,” since this gem is thought to promote good health, positive energy, and vitality. In addition to being known for its healing properties, citrine is strongly associated with wealth and abundance. Citrine is also thought to open the mind to new ideas, promote positivity, and to improve mental focus and self-esteem. 

In addition to all these meanings, citrine is also the November birthstone, so wearing citrine is thought to be good luck for November babies. 


Symbolizes: Passionate Emotion, Imagination, Dreams, Spontaneity 

The opal is a mesmerizing gemstone that shimmers in a rainbow of colors. In ancient times, people believed that these magically colored gemstones possessed supernatural properties. Because of this, ancient people largely wore opals as talismans, rather than as jewelry. Ancient people wore opals to improve health (eye health in particular was once strongly associated with the opal) and attract money, and some ancient people used opals in magical rituals. 

Today, opals are most commonly thought to be a symbol of passionate emotion. In modern times, opals are a symbol of love, spontaneity, imagination, ambition, and dreams. Opals are also a symbol of October babies, since the opal is one of the two October birthstones (the other is tourmaline). 

Blue Topaz 

Symbolizes: Opulence, Influence, Creativity, Peacefulness

Topaz is a valuable gemstone that comes in a variety of colors, including red, gray, orange, green, pink, and transparent. Though topaz comes in many colors, the most highly prized and rare form of topaz is blue topaz. 

The different colors of topaz are associated with different meanings. All colors of topaz are thought to attract opulence, influence, vibrancy, and strength. Then, blue topaz is thought to be a stone that has a strong connection to the mind. Blue topaz is associated with creativity, self-confidence, knowledge, and the ability to understand complex ideas. Additionally, blue topaz is thought to be a stone of peace, due to its calming blue color. Many people believe that blue topaz can aid in meditation, calm the emotions, and help one connect with their spirituality. Blue topaz is also the birthstone for December, so it is thought to bring good luck when worn by December babies. 

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