How to Transform Your Look with Statement Earrings

With the wide variety of styles available today, statement earrings can totally transform your look in seconds! Read on to learn how to pair our top 7 picks with any outfit this season.

Think about the boldest pieces in your wardrobe. Most likely, what comes to mind are audacious fashion rings, ornate necklaces, chunky bracelets in loud fabulous colors.

The sad truth? Statement earrings rarely get the attention they deserve; our expert team of fashionistas at Frank’s are looking to change that, however – we carry a wide variety of eye-catching adornments for the earlobes. This fall, a new pair of statement earrings might just be the investment your collection is craving.

Statement Hoops

Don’t fall into the trap of simply choosing an ordinary pair of hoop earrings – there is plenty to be explored in the realm of more exciting possibilities within the category. These classy diamond-studded hoops from Le Vian will change the way you dress up your Sunday morning errand outfit forever.

Also from Le Vian: these statement hoops, slightly smaller in proportion but just as impactful nonetheless.

These widely-looping hoops designed under our own brand will be just the ticket to pair with all of those thick, cable-knit sweaters and blazer that have been hiding out in the backs of our closets since the weather broke last spring; they impart a rich look to the outfit without coming across as overpowering.

Statement Drop Earrings

Drop earrings have got to be one of our favorite varieties across the board – they’re elegant, sophisticated, a universal symbol of upscale dignity. If you’re more on the delicate side even when being adventurous with your look, give our personal catalog of designs a try. These drop chains are dainty and deliver a powerful punch when paired with a sleek cocktail dress, perfect for date night.

Equally glam: this pair from our line of sterling silver pieces. Their cool sheen and ritzy curves add value far beyond their humble material of composition. Our Rhythm of Love statement earrings are studded with diamonds and ready to carry your wardrobe into autumn with incredible grace.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, we can’t help but put Le Vian in the spotlight here as well. They offer a variety of stunning drop earrings that are sure to enhance any outfit you happen to pair them with.

Chandelier Statement Earrings

Chandelier statement earrings are a no-brainer – their size alone helps them command the ensemble and give your look a hearty dose of bling that smaller types of statement earrings simply can’t deliver. This pair of rose gold Swarovski chandelier earrings offer your collection their unique botanical motif.

Frank Jewelers is Your One-Stop-Shop for Statement Earrings

Still feeling lost? Not to worry – our team of certified experts is here to help you get yourself together this fall and guide you to the ultimate pair (or two) of new statement earrings. The list of services we offer is extensive and includes appraisal, repairs, and financing with approved credit. We also allow you to customize anything bought through us, allowing you to find the piece of your dreams, even if it doesn’t yet exist.

Give us a call or make an appointment online if you live in the Freeport area – we’re always looking to welcome new members into our family of satisfied customers.

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