Features of Men’s Wedding Bands

Learn how to find the perfect men's wedding band from the bridal jewelry experts at Frank Jewelers. Located in Freeport, Illinois. Read today!

While it may seem like only women get their share of excitement over bridal jewelry, contemporary designers such as A. Jaffe, Natalie K, Triton, and Love Story Diamonds, have endeavored to create not only traditionally inspired wedding bands, but also innovative, forward-thinking, unique pieces that are sure to motivate young men to shop with confidence.

Your neighborhood Freeport, Illinois, Frank Jewelers understands the importance in finding the right wedding band to commemorate the love shared between two people and thus we’ve put together a list of things to consider when looking for men’s wedding bands.


  • 1.Choice of Metal
  • 2.Width/Size of the Ring
  • 3.Type of Finish
  • 4.Type of Detailing

1. Choice of Metal

Perhaps the most aesthetically important detail to consider when shopping for a wedding band is the type of metal that would suit you, the wearer, best. Traditional materials include sterling silver, platinum, and gold, while more modern materials are stainless steel, tungsten, titanium, and cobalt.

In addition to those precious metals, here at Frank Jewelers we carry rings in palladium, ceramic, and for bold men various tones of gold including yellow, white, rose.

There are pros and cons to every material depending on the shopper. Some bands may be priced higher because certain band materials are more expensive to produce, while some shoppers may want to consider color and comfort over anything else.

2. Width/Size of the Ring

Similarly, the width of the ring is most important to the overall look of the ring and the individual comfort of the wearer. Arguments differ, but the average range for wedding bands for men is between 6mm-10mm.

For shoppers who already sport rings, deciding on a width for your ring might be easier, but for those who are not accustomed to having rings on their fingers perhaps stopping by our showroom to try on various sizes might be best.

Here at Frank Jewelers, our rings range from handsome 4mm wedding bands to 10mm stunners from, like these from Triton.

3. Type of Finish

Next, the type of finish the wedding band has can many times be a deciding factor in the ring chosen. The most recognized categories of finish are polished, hammered, and matte finishes.

A polished finish will give you a shiny, almost reflective look. This look is the standard for wedding rings and perhaps the most traditional. A hammered finish is a textured look, that like its name, appears as though it’s been beaten by a hammer, while a matte finish (also known as satin finish), appears foggy smooth, not nearly as reflective as a polished look.

Additionally, bands can come in combinations of these polishes, for example some wedding bands from A. Jaffe have hammered and polished combinations and satin and polished combinations respectively.

4. Type of Detailing

Conceivably, the most exciting part of shopping for men’s wedding bands is in regards to the details incorporated into the design of the wedding band. Traditionally, wedding bands were plain, with little to no detailing, but nowadays, men have as many options as their partners.

First, consider wedding band options with one or multiple diamonds. A. Jaffe carries wedding bands with single diamonds, several diamonds, or a whole pave of diamonds. For the modern men, Triton has selections with a single, elegant, black diamond and a multitude of others with paves of sapphires.

Last, guests must consider the detailing in the edge of the band. Depending on comfort desires, a customer might want rounded edges, while others prefer the look of a flat band.

Whatever the case, Frank Jeweler’s jewelry experts will assist you in selecting the perfect match. Shop with your partner and find complimentary bands from designers including A. Jaffe, who carries its collections for both women and men!

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