Guide to Custom Bridal Jewelry Design!

Read our guide to the advantages of choosing custom jewelry design at Frank Jewelers. Read now and learn what our team can do for you!

While there is certainly is no limit to the amount of beautiful engagement rings and wedding bands available today at fine distinguished jewelry retailers such as Frank Jewelers – located in Freeport, Illinois – it has been becoming more and more over the past few years for ring-seekers to choose custom design as opposed to picking your typical off-the-shelf variety.

For example, in the past few years at Frank Jewelers we have been seeing more and more customers have decided to work with our expert jewelry making staff create their very own one-of-a-kind piece of bridal jewelry.

And if custom jewelry design sounds like an option that you might be interested in, here is a helpful guide to help with understanding the various ins and outs of choosing to work with the jewelry making team at Frank Jewelers.

A Few Reasons Why People Choose Custom Ring Design at Frank Jewelers

Each time somebody chooses to design a custom ring with us, we always are curious why. While everyone has a different answer, we’ve noticed that their answers typically are related to three main factors: 1. Participation, 2. Individuality, 3. Legacy.

Reason #1: Participation

One of the reasons we hear the most often, is that our custom design clients love the high level of involvement and participation that the custom design process allows for. From sketching and planning to casting and finishing, custom jewelry design allows you a front-row seat to the entire construction process.

Not only does this guarantee that every personalized engagement ring or wedding band is sure to be the piece of your dreams, it also creates a deep and sentimental attachment to the piece that is intangible, invaluable, and eternal.

Reason #2: Personality

Another reason that we hear at Frank Jewelers, is that custom design is a wonderful way to introduce a personal touch, and to make any piece truly individual and one-of-a-kind. More than just choosing what metal the ring is made of, knowing that you or your loved one designed a piece with only you in mind is truly an irreplaceable attribute.

Further, custom designing your engagement ring or wedding bands makes simple to include unique touches such and tailored embellishments to your piece. The team at Frank Jewelers is skilled at including remarkable touches including personalized engravings, birthstones, and the seamless utilization of heirloom or family jewelry in the making of the ring, as mentioned below.

Reason #3: Legacy

In addition to these two reasons, many of our customers are ultimately deciding to go with custom design because of the way it allows for the utilization of inherited, heirloom, and antique jewelry in the creation of a brand-new piece.

Using a previously-appreciated jewelry item in the construction of your custom bridal jewelry item is a great way to pay homage to the past while creating something new in the process.

Attributes to Consider When Designing a Custom Piece of Bridal Jewelry

No matter what your reasons are for choosing custom jewelry design, the expert and knowledgeable custom team at Frank Jewelers is here to help!

Completed on-site in their Freeport, Illinois, showroom and studio, Frank Jewelers’ staff of certified, well-trained, and friendly jewelry makers make it as easy as possible for you to design, create, and enjoy the engagement ring or wedding band of your dreams.

So, to help make the design process even more simple and stress-free, here is an explanation of some of the design options available in the customizing process:

Design Option #1: Engagement Ring or Wedding Band Style

The first choice that you’ll have to make in the custom design process is what the overall style of your engagement ring or wedding band is going to be. While the design team at Frank Jewelers is more than willing to explain the various advantages and disadvantages of various styles, it is still good know for yourself what these styles are.

Some Popular Ring Styles:

  • Solitaire Setting: Elegant and sophisticated, solitaire engagement rings are known for featuring a single gleaming stone as the piece’s focus.
  • Three Stone Style: Adorned with three center diamonds, three stone style engagement rings are a perfect way to celebrate the “past, present, and future” you share with your special someone.
  • Halo Style: Probably the most popular engagement ring style among designers, celebrities, and everyday people alike, halo rings center diamond that is surrounded by a circle of brilliant small diamonds.
  • Sidestone Setting: Available for any engagement ring or wedding band style, pieces with sidestone settings feature brilliant diamonds placed into the band of the ring itself, and are available stretching part or all the way around the piece.
  • Pave, Bezel, or Channel Set: In addition to these styles, many wedding bands and engagement rings are made with diamonds placed throughout the band. Typically these stones are round in shape and set into the piece with the use of pave, bezel, or channel type stone settings.
  • And If you’re not sure what engagement ring or wedding band style that your beloved might be interested in, why not try talking to one of their friends, a close family member, or even make up a reason to bring her into Frank Jewelers and let one of our experts determine what style would be best.

Consideration #2: Center Stone Type and Shape

Once you choose a ring style, the next step is to decide what shape and kind of precious stone you want to act as the focal point of your piece. Traditionally bridal jewelry has concentrated on the presentation of diamonds, but lately is has become far more common for brides or grooms to be wear engagement rings or wedding bands that feature more non-traditional gems such as sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and more.

In addition to choosing what kind of stone your piece will be made with, next you have to decide what stone shape, or cut, this gem will be. For example, at Frank Jewelers you will find a large selection of GIA-certified loose diamonds in a variety of shapes and sizes that are sure to complement rings of any style.

Popular Diamond Shapes Include:

  • Round Cut: The most popular diamond shape, round cut diamonds are beloved for their straightforward brilliance and unmistakable diamond sparkle.
  • Princess Cut: Revered for their classic pyramid shape and square crown, princess diamonds are go unmatched in versatility and look amazing in a wide variety of ring settings and styles.
  • Asscher Cut: Regal and sophisticated, asscher cut diamonds are perfect for those brides-to-be who have an affinity for vintage-inspired fashions.
  • Cushion Cut: Cushion cut diamonds are instantly recognizable due to their unique rounded shape and because of their sleek, streamlined, and expertly shaped lines.
  • Pear Cut: Sometimes called “tear-drop” shaped, pear cut diamonds are especially fetching when placed in a simple solitaire or elegant halo setting.

Consideration #3: Precious Metal

Finally, another ring attribute to consider is what precious metals your custom piece of bridal jewelry should be made of. While there is a seemingly-endless amount of gleaming and long-lasting metals out there, most engagement rings and wedding bands are made materials that have proven time and time again to the be absolute best.

When it comes to engagement rings, most people choose classic metals such as yellow gold, white gold, romantic rose gold, and occasionally even high-grade platinum. Similarly, men’s and women’s wedding bands are often made with gold and platinum, but can be easily built with alternative metals including, titanium, tungsten, palladium, cobalt, and many others.

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