Guide to Gifting Ladies' Fine Jewelry

Thinking about getting that special someone a jewelry item? Read our guide to understanding fine jewelry!

Frank Jewelers Fine Jewelry

Whether you are looking for an anniversary gift, a special occasion gift, or simply indulging in a beautiful piece for yourself, Frank Jewelers is here to help!

At Frank Jewelers, we know that every day is cause to celebrate the women in your life. There is no counting the ways in which women deserve to be honored with the very best. Frank Jewelers’ Freeport, Illinois showroom provides an enormous inventory of fine jewelry from such reputable brands as A. Jaffe, AngelicaArtCarvedLe VianFreida Rothman, and Swarovski many others, to help our Stephenson County friends and neighbors find the perfect piece of fine jewelry for the special lady in your life, be it a mother, sister, friend, wife, or a significant other.

Types of Fine Jewelry

Fine jewelry is a broad term used to describe various types of jewelry items available for women.

Available at Frank Jewelers today:

  • Necklaces
  • Bracelets
  • Earrings
  • Fashion Rings

Frank Jewelers Fine Jewelry

Spotlight on Necklaces

Possibly the most notable of accessories, necklaces make for great bold statements.

Frank Jewelers Fine Jewelry

Halo: A halo setting is one in which the center stone is encircled by smaller diamonds. Halos are currently an extremely popular setting for multiple types of jewelry and are alluring to many different tastes. Pictured, a graceful necklace from Le Vian’s Chocolatier line with a rhodolite gem.

Solitaire: The epitome of regal elegance, solitaires refer to are a single, large stone used in a particular jewelry piece. In this case, we have a stylish piece from Swarovski with one of their signature crystal stones.

Choker: Belle Etoile’s Black Ribbon choker is only one example of the very in demand, contemporary look, wherein the necklace fits very closely around the neck. These styles suit young, hip women well.

Frank Jewelers Fine Jewelry

Heart: Emblematic as it is timeless, the most iconic way to describe love is with the very shape of a heart (or two) as the center pendant. Designs for heart necklaces are incalculable. Swarovski carries numerous heart necklaces suitable for any sort of relationship.

Diamond: For those looking to invest in a monumental piece, look no further than a diamond necklace. These necklaces can range in having one or multiple diamonds, nevertheless the level of sophistication is immense with diamond necklaces. A. Jaffe’s fine jewelry items all have dazzling diamonds such as this piece from their Seasons of Love collection.

Gemstone: Equally as stunning, necklaces with different colored precious stones including but not limited to tanzanite, onyx, ruby, and emerald are wonderful compliments to add a boost of color. Pictured, one of Le Vian’s emerald, halo necklaces.

Frank Jewelers Fine Jeweelry

Spotlight on Bracelets

Bracelets can be among the most elegant of jewelry accessories or, as our galleries show, some of the most individualistic, unique adornments.

Frank Jewelers Fine Jewelry

Bangles: Although they are rigid, bangle bracelets are great for multi-layering. Pictured is one of Belle Etoile’s fun Butterfly Kisses’ collection. These bangles make great gifts for young, free-spirited women.

Cuffs: Wrapping themselves around the wrist, cuffs are known for being wide or thick. This black beauty also from Belle Etoile’s Anastacia, is perfect for the rocker in your life.

Frank Jewelers Fine Jewelry

Diamond: Like necklaces, diamond bracelets incorporate quality diamonds to their designs. In this case, Le Vian’s Chocolatier bracelet oozes glamour with the inclusion of their signature chocolate diamonds.

Gemstones: Similarly, gemstone bracelets can utilize an array of different precious stones including this flirty fun bracelet from the Fidelity collection in Swarovski’s line of bracelets. This particular example has a simply, understated look, but other gemstone bracelets present bolder, attention-grabbing looks.

Charm Bracelets: Endlessly endearing, Angelica charm bracelets are unique and come in over a dozen themes perfect for just about any occasion. Charm bracelets, like this Angelica piece from their Animal collection, are bracelets with small trinkets or charms.

Frank Jewelers

Spotlight on Earrings

In regards to fine jewelry, the importance of earrings is undeniable. Earrings can influence an ensemble by various small degrees. Smaller, subtler earrings can push an already elegant look to a glamorous look, or try large, diamond encrusted earrings to push a simple look to the next level.

There are multiple types of earrings available at Frank Jewelers’ Freeport, Illinois showroom!

Frank Jewelers Fine Jewelry

Drop: These lovely earrings are the sort that dip below the earlobe. Our showroom has several drop earrings that include the much-desired chocolate diamonds from Le Vian.

Hoop: Also from Le Vian’s Chocolatier line, these earrings are just one example of the ultra-hip, round hoops. The most recognizable hoops are plain metal, but Le Vian and other designers decorate their jewelry with a pave of diamonds, gems, or in this case chocolate diamonds.

Frank Jewelers Fine Jewelry

Huggies: Similar to hoop earrings, huggies are circular, but rather than large hoops, these are tighter loops around the earlobe, hence the name, huggies. For a fun alternative, these Belle Etoile Aviary earrings are perfect for any nature loving gal.

Stud: In addition, studs are earrings that fit within the space of the earlobe. These charming A. Jaffe studs are from their prestigious Seasons of Love collection and feature flower designs and diamonds.

Frank Jewelers Fine Jewelry

Spotlight on Fashion Rings

Lastly, fashion rings are the perfect accent to any outfit. They go well with casual jeans or a fancy dress. Rings are wonderful because they can emphasize a particular color of an ensemble or complete a particular style.

frank Jewelers Fine Jewelry

Gemstone: The inventory of fashion rings at Frank Jewelers is substantial. Among the biggest collections are gemstone rings from Le Vian, including this dazzling three-stone ring incorporating diamonds, vanilla diamonds, and the brilliantly colored tanzanite stones.

Diamond: For sophisticated women, Le Vian also carries a series of diamond pave rings from their original collection. These can be worn with just about anything as diamonds compliment any outfit and any individual.

What truly make accessories great? The ability to mix and match! So, whatever the case, whether you are shopping for yourself, or for someone else, have a blast creating complete sets for ensembles or individualize style by combining contrasting looks. The specialists at Frank Jewelers are eager to assist in finding the right fit for you.

Frank Jewelers Fine Jewelry

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