Swarovski Wedding Jewelry

Learn from the bridal experts at Frank Jewelers how find the perfect piece of wedding jewelry from the legendary designers at Swarovski today!

Much more than just wedding bands, no bride’s dream wedding can be complete without the perfect necklace, bracelet, or other fine jewelry to take any outfit to an unforgettable level of timeless bridal beauty, elegance, and sophistication.

If you’re currently on the search for an amazing pieces (or pieces) of brilliant wedding day jewelry the look no further than Freeport’s own, Frank Jewelers.

At Frank Jewelers you will find an unbeatable selection of big, bright, and brilliant jewelry pieces from some of renowned modern designers including, A. JaffeRhythm of Love, and most importantly Swarovski.

As an authorized retailer, Frank Jewelers is pleased to offer to their customers an array of authentic Swarovski earrings, bracelets, as well as wonderful pendant necklaces from the legendary Austrian brand.

Additionally, to make things a little easier the bridal experts at Frank Jewelers have put together a few simple tips for how to find the perfect wedding jewelry for brides of all ages, tastes, and fashions.

Part One: A Few Tips!

Tip #1: Ditch trends for more classic couture!

While on your search for wedding day jewelry, keep in mind that your wedding day is going to be forever remembered in the form of pictures, videos, and stories. With this in mind, look for more timeless pieces that avoid modern designs for more classic forms.

This will help guarantee the least amount of sartorial embarrassment when you’re looking back on your wedding day ten, twenty, or even fifty years later. For example, the Swarovski items below are fabulous examples of the sort of classic simplicity that you should consider when looking for wedding day jewelry.

(From Left to Right: Swarovski Adore Earrings, Diva Bracelet, Lavender Necklace)

Tip #2: Always Consider your Gown’s Style

Always be aware of your dress’s color, style, and neckline, when looking for wedding day jewelry pieces, because these variations can have a big influence on the impact of your overall ensemble.

  • Consideration #1: Color

Firstly, if you’re planning on wearing a classic white gown then pieces made of silver-like metals like white gold, sterling silver, and platinum are a fabulous choice.

On the other hand, if your dress is champagne, eggshell, or some other off-white color, then look for pieces that are more yellow gold or rose gold in color, as these metals tend to create a more romantic and classic effect.

  • Consideration #2: Neckline

Additionally, the shape of a gown’s neckline has a large influence on the sort of jewelry that should be paired with it.

For starters, pendant style necklaces, such as the Swarovski pieces pictured below, are fabulous for V-neck style dresses gowns due to the large amount of space to hang that the V-neck allows. Additionally, for a halter or reverse halter dress an elegant choker type necklace is a great way to bring focus to upwards.

(From Left to Right: Swarovski Cupid Necklace, Aneesa Necklace, Abstract Necklace)

Alternatively, for sweetheart necklines it is recommended that a bride skips the necklace all together, opting instead for glamorous chandelier or sophisticated hoop style earrings.

Tip #3: Look to the Future!

When shopping for wedding jewelry, look for items that you might be able to wear again in the future. Search for pieces that are dressy enough to be worn for future formal occasions or semi-formal occasions.

Not only will this make you feel more comfortable buying a brand-new piece of jewelry, it will also combat any guilt you might have about purchasing a more expensive item.

Tip #4: Find a retailer you can trust!

Similar to a wedding planner, caterer, or photographer, the staff at fine jewelry retailers like Frank Jewelers are absolute experts at helping make your wedding day absolutely perfect. The staff at Frank Jewelers specially trained and tirelessly committed to making sure that you find the piece of Swarovski fine jewelry that best compliments every part of you.

In addition to this individualized attention, retailers such as Frank Jewelers are authorized Swarovski retailers. This means that the Swarovski fine jewelry available at Frank Jewelers is totally authentic, top-quality, and exclusive to them.

Tip #5: Try before you buy!

Similar to Tip #4, always remember to try on any piece of jewelry before you make a final decision. There is nothing worse than waiting for your wedding day to realize that you necklace doesn’t fit right, or that your earrings are the wrong color.

This also means avoiding shopping at large online retailers, as these sorts of places often have less-than-helpful return policies and no way to guarantee that what you’ve ordered is what you’ll get.

Part Two: Our Swarovski Suggestions!

Now that you have a good idea of what to keep in mind when looking for wedding jewelry, here are a few of our favorite Swarovski fine jewelry pieces available today at Frank Jewelers.

Crystal Necklaces

From a seemingly-endless number of immaculate collections, the pendant style necklaces of Swarovski are sure to satisfy even the most particular of brides-to-be. Swarovski necklaces are renowned for the sparkling crystals that each piece is adorned with.

Crystal Bracelets

Understated but distinctive, Swarovski crystal bracelets are a fabulous way to add a subtle sparkle to any bridal ensemble. Available in bangle, cuff, and chain types, there is no limit to the beauty and grace available from Swarovski.

(From Left to Right: Swarovski Dear Bracelet, Dusky Bracelet, Emily Bracelet)

Crystal Earrings

When you’re looking for earrings, the best thing to do with to just “keep it simple.” Basic studs or drop type earring models are perfect for adding sparkle and gleam, without taking too much attention away from your primped and primed hairdo.

Part Three: Visit Frank Jewelers Today!

These are just some of the fabulous pieces of Swarovski fine crystal available today at Frank Jewelers. Located in Freeport, Illinois, Frank Jewelers is the place to go an unbeatable inventory of Swarovski designer pieces, as well as many other fine fashion jewelry items from top designers including Gabriel New York, Le Vian, Natalie K, and others.

Additionally, if you already have the perfect piece picked out, Frank Jewelers proudly offers on-site jewelry repair and cleaning services that are sure to whatever item to its previous level of glamour and shine.

For more information on the Swarovski designer pieces available today at Frank Jewelers, check out FrankJewelers.com, call 815.235.3169, or visit their Freeport showroom today! 


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