Lab-Grown Diamonds

Lab-Grown Diamonds


Frank Jewelers has been providing our customers with beautiful, high quality diamond jewelry for over seventy years and three generations. While we’ll always offer natural diamond jewelry, we’re proud to now present our clients with the option of selecting lab-grown diamonds for their diamond jewelry.

Your Choice of Diamond


Your choice of jewelry is a personal one, as is your choice of diamond. We know that some of our customers prefer natural diamonds, while other customers find that lab-grown diamonds are more in line with their values. Whatever you prefer, we’re here to offer you the finest diamonds and answer any questions you may have about which type of diamond would be right for you.

What is a Lab-Created Diamond?


Many people who are unfamiliar with lab-grown diamonds worry that they are not real diamonds, but this is simply not the case. Lab-grown diamonds have the exact same chemical composition as mined diamonds and they are real diamonds. The primary difference between lab diamonds and mined diamonds is how they are made: lab-grown diamonds are formed by scientists in a specialized lab setting and mined diamonds form over many years inside the earth’s crust.

Conflict-Free Diamonds


By their nature, all lab-grown diamonds are conflict-free. However, please note that every diamond carried by Frank Jewelers is conflict-free, including our natural diamonds. We’re committed to ethically sourcing all our diamonds, whether they’re lab-grown or mined from the earth.

Better Prices


Lab-grown diamonds cost around 30% less than natural diamonds of the same size and quality. This means that you can get a larger, higher quality diamond for a better price if you opt for a man-made diamond.

Your Lab-Grown Diamond Experts


The expert staff at Frank Jewelers can answer any questions you may have about lab-grown diamonds and whether they might be right for you. Your satisfaction is our top priority and we’re here to help guide you through every step of the shopping process.

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