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Characteristics of Rhythm of Love Jewelry


Rhythm of Love is a stunning collection of jewelry that is on display and available for purchase at Frank Jewelers. The collection is a sight to behold with its stunning diamonds that dance, sparkle, and seem to come to life. The collection revolves around that special woman in your life and how she lights up your world. Each piece will flow with her every move, shine as she shines, and every diamond will sway to the beat of her life. This collection will light up before your eyes as each dazzling piece shows off its brilliance.

Popular Rhythm of Love Collections - Pendants


The Rhythm of Love pendants are a pure reflection of light. The diamond pieces comes in rose, white, or yellow gold, with each necklace or pendant featuring stately curves that loop around a stunning center diamond. This center stone is in constant motion with the wearer’s every move, and it gives off a radiant light show wherever she goes. This pendant will surely make your beloved the envy of every woman.

Popular Rhythm of Love Collections - Earrings


The Rhythm of Love brand also features various styles of delightful earrings. Their smooth drop earring styles feature a beautiful pendant, which dangles ever so lightly with each flowing movement of your special lady. The pendant itself is is bedazzled with perfectly cut diamonds or rare alexandrite surrounding a single larger stone. These beautifully crafted and artistic earrings would have made Mona Lisa smile, if she had worn them.



You can find these pieces and many others from Rhythm of Love at Frank Jewelers, a family-owned and operated business. The staff at Frank Jewelers is very knowledgeable and can give you detailed information on every piece in the collection. In addition, our staff are experts in the jewelry industry. Each piece crafted at Frank Jewelers is done with precision and with the latest technology today, because we believe in keeping our staff educated in the current technology trends today and passing on that knowledge to our customers.

Stop by Frank Jewelers to feast your eyes on the Rhythm of Love collections at our showroom in Freeport, Illinois and take in their brilliance. For more information please contact us via phone at (815) 235-3169, or explore our website to see the other dazzling pieces we have available.

Rhythm of Love Jewelry

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