The Perfect Little Gift: Initial Pendants

Initial pendants are beautiful, classic, and customizable, making them the perfect little gift to get for anyone on your list. And while initial jewelry is a timeless jewelry staple, it also happens to be trending at the moment, which means there are currently many designs available for you to choose from. You can select a delicate and classic initial pendant, go with a bold modern take, or opt for a unique, unexpected version. 

To celebrate this trending (yet utterly classic) design, in this post we’re taking a closer look at initial pendants. Below, we’ll talk about your initial pendant personalization options, look at examples of how you can style an an initial pendant, and give recommendations of some of our current favorite styles. Read on to learn everything you need to know about the perfect gift: initial pendants! 

Your Personalization Options for Initial Pendants 

Whether you’re shopping for a gift or are shopping for yourself, you have many options when you customize an initial pendant. You can choose a letter that represents a first name, a last name, or the name of a significant other. Or, you could also go for the initials of the wearer’s children or the initials of other loved ones, like a grandparent, a sibling, or a close friend. Many people also love using initial pendants to spell out a message, such as “XO” for hugs and kisses. 

Your customization options for an initial necklace are basically endless. You can select one initial, two initials, or many initials to create a personalized meaning. Then, the meaning you choose for an initial pendant can be traditional or totally unique— it’s completely up to you!

How To Style Initial Pendants 

There are several different ways you can style an initial pendant. Perhaps the simplest way to wear one is to just let a single initial pendant make a statement on its own. 

Pictured above, we have fashion blogger Christin Bryant of CB Styled, who’s outfit pic demonstrates just how much style a single initial pendant can add to a simple look. Christin is wearing a beautiful, oversized “C” initial pendant that represents her first initial. This single initial pendant adds a pretty, yet bold touch to her casual-chic jeans and t-shirt look, which takes the whole outfit to the next level. 

Here, Lily of Hello Darling Blog shows off another way you can wear a single initial pendant. Lily is rocking an eye-catching “L” pendant over her white turtleneck, creating a fun, multi-dimensional look using just a single necklace. 

Another way you can wear an initial necklace is by layering it with other necklaces, like Simone Daemen of A New Jacket is in this picture. In this elevated-casual look, Simone is wearing a classic gold “S” initial pendant with another petite golden necklace of a slightly different length. This layered combo creates a delicate, intricate effect that adds just the right amount of shimmer to tie the whole outfit together. 

Lastly, another great way to wear initial pendants is to wear one necklace, but more than one pendant, like stylish mama Jasmin Shannon of Lemons for Days is in the above picture! Here, Jasmin is wearing a slim rose gold chain that features two initial charms: one that represents her name and one that represent’s her son’s name (how sweet!). This customized monogram-style necklace adds a pretty, elegant, and perfectly sentimental touch to her classic and sophisticated look. 

Our Favorite Initial Pendants and Initial Jewelry 

Now that you know everything you need to know about how you can customize and rock an initial pendant, let’s take a closer look at some of our current favorite initial jewelry designs! 

Customizable Simulated Diamond Letter Necklace 

This lovely letter pendant is elegant and classic, with just the right amount of shimmer. This design, available in either sterling silver or gold plated sterling silver, features the letter of your choice set with shimmering cubic zirconia crystals. This initial necklace looks lovely when worn on its own or when worn as a part of a fun layered necklace look. 

925 Silver and 18k Yellow Gold Initial Pendant 

This pretty initial pendant necklace offers a graphic, modern take on the classic initial design. This disc pendant necklace is crafted from high quality 925 silver and features an initial emblem crafted from gleaming 18k yellow gold.

14k White Gold and White Diamond Initial Pendant Necklace 

This dazzling diamond initial pendant necklace is classic, delicate, and luxurious. In this design, a ring of 14k white gold dangles from a white gold chain, which has a customizable length, thanks to three loops that rest along the end of the chain. Within this circular diamond pendant lies a shimmering single initial monogram set with brilliant white diamonds, which add a luxe touch to this lovely piece. 

14k Yellow Gold and White Diamond Initial Bracelet

While we love an initial letter pendant, we also love other initial jewelry, like this beautiful initial bracelet! This bracelet features a diamond-set initial charm upon a slim 14 yellow gold cable chain. This elegant bracelet looks beautifully delicate when worn on its own and also pairs beautifully with other bracelets.

14k Yellow Gold and White Diamond Initial Ring 

Last up in our list of our favorite initial jewelry pieces, we have this stunning initial ring. This sleek ring, crafted from 14k yellow gold, features an initial design that’s set with white pave diamond gemstones. This ring’s golden initial is slightly raised, which allows you to easily stack this piece with other rings (including your wedding band) to create a customized ring stack. 

Looking for even more beautiful initial jewelry to pick up or add to your wishlist? Browse our full initial collection. Or if you’re looking for another type of jewelry, browse our full selection of finely made jewelry, which includes engagement rings, gemstone jewelry, locket necklaces, dog tag pendants, heart pendant necklaces, stainless steel jewelry, bangles, and much more.

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