Engagement Ring Trends 2019

Each year brings a batch of exciting new engagement ring trends. Wondering which styles are on the rise this year? Here’s our round up of the top engagement ring trends of 2019.

Fancy Shaped Diamonds

 In 2019, we’ve seen a huge increase in demand for fancy shaped diamonds. If you don’t know, a fancy shaped diamond is any diamond shape that isn’t the most popular shape, round. These shapes include oval and pear, which have seen the biggest increase in popularity in 2019.

Selecting a fancy shaped diamond for your engagement ring gives you an opportunity to express your unique personalty with your engagement ring. And as an added bonus, fancy shaped diamond often cost less per carat than round diamonds.

Unique Three Stone Engagement Rings

Three stone engagement rings are a tried and true engagement ring style. While this classic setting style is always popular, in 2019 they’ve been more in demand than ever. In particular, brides are gravitating toward modern three stone engagement rings that feature unique, contemporary design elements.

Yellow Gold

 Yellow gold is one of the most dominant engagement ring trends of the year. Perhaps this trend was inspired by Meghan Markle’s yellow gold engagement ring, or perhaps brides are just longing for something a bit more classic after seeing so many rose gold rings on their friends’ fingers over the last several years. Either way, yellow gold is having a major revival in 2019.

Unique Halo Settings

Halo settings have been hugely popular for years and it seems that they’re here to stay as a new modern classic. There’s a lot to love about halo settings: they make your center diamond look larger, add gorgeous brilliance, and seriously up the glamour of your engagement ring.

While all halo settings are still quite popular this year, there is a trend among halo settings for 2019. Many couples are choosing halo settings that are a bit more unique than the standard halo. Examples include very delicate halo settings, ultra bold halo settings, and halo settings with unique silhouettes, such as floral halo settings.

Colorful Accents

 This year, soon-to-be brides have been embracing color in the form of gemstone accents. Gemstones that span every color of the rainbow are trending, though blue sapphires are among the most popular.

Hidden Diamond Detailing

To spot this last trend, you’ll have to look closely. A very popular trend for 2019 is delicate, hidden diamond accents. These uniquely placed accents are commonly found on rings that have cathedral settings, as they often have diamond gallery accents along their raised setting. Many types of halo settings also feature uniquely placed diamonds along the sides of the halo or underneath it. These delicate details add a luxe, intricate touch that couples can’t seem to get enough of.

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