To truly appreciate a luxury watch education and experience is required. Luxury timepieces tell the time like any other timepiece, however, “luxury” adds something more to a wrist clock that transcends trends. To be considered luxurious, a watch must display the following features: craftsmanship, durability, designed by master horologists in Swiss facilities, able to tell time accurately, include valuable substances in its design, and structure, and is able to stand apart from standard watches in both elegance and beauty. Ultimately, a luxury timepiece is “timeless in time” and can be worn over several generations without losing its value.

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Celebrating 100 years, CITIZEN, a pioneer in watchmaking and innovative technology, promotes excellence and creativity with a deep-rooted respect for craftsmanship. CITIZEN advocates "Better Starts Now," searching for and accomplishing goals that better our lives. When you receive your watch, you’ll know that it’s been tested and quality assured to be one of the best watches you’ll ever own.

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We are an authorized Citizen retailer. For more information regarding Citizen watches, please call us at (815) 235-3169. Frank Jewelers is a proud retailer of Citizen Watches. Committed to customer satisfaction, the Citizen Watches available now at Frank Jewelers have been hand-selected to be of the highest quality, condition, and design possible.



Doing business for over 70 years has not only made us part of the community for but part of the family for many of our customers. Located in the downtown district of Freeport, Illinois, we have been supplying luxury watches, diamonds, gold accessories and other luxury items to the nearby cities of Rockford, Monroe, Sterling, South Beloit, Lena, Stockton, Shannon, and Winnebago for many years, which is why we are the most trusted name in luxury within the region. For more information about events, promotions, or our repair, appraisal, and custom design services, visit our website at, call us at(815) 235-3169, or visit our luxury showroom in Freeport, Illinois today.

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