Jewelry Appraisal

Why Do I Need to Get My Jewelry Appraised?

One of the most important reasons for appraising jewelry is for insurance purposes. The fact is that jewelry changes in value over time. Demand for certain stones or cuts may raise the price of your jewelry. A glut of a certain type of metal in the market may decrease the price of jewelry made from it. Plus, like any piece of artwork, jewelry appreciates in value over time. It’s difficult for a layman to keep track of all the changes that affect the value of a piece of jewelry, and if you don’t have a professional appraising establishing a replacement value for your insurance company in case of fire or theft, you risk a substantial loss.

Also, appraisals create a benchmark valuation for a piece of jewelry before it’s purchased. Appraisals offered by trustworthy certification programs, such as GIA or AGS, create a basis of information about a particular piece of jewelry and its gemstones that a potential customer can refer to before making a purchase. This appraisal gives a objective frame of reference that allows you to compare a piece to others on the market so that you can be sure that you’re getting the best deal for your money.

The Appraisal Process

When you come into Frank Jewelers, you’ll find that we employ trained and experienced GIA-certified professionals who can appraise your jewelry to clearly establish its value. We suggest that you come into our showroom at least every two years to have your jewelry appraised.

When you have your jewelry significantly altered with new stones or alterations in the design (or you have a new piece of jewelry custom-designed), you should have your jewelry brought in for a new appraisal, since even small changes can alter the value of a piece, and our appraisers can help you to understand the valuation that goes into your piece.

Why Visit Frank Jewelers for Professional Jewelry Services?

In addition to our reputable and trustworthy jewelry appraisal, Frank Jewelers offers a wide variety of other useful services to our customers. For example, we offer full-service jewelry and watch repair to keep your appraised treasures glittering for decades to come. And if you’re in the market to see your dreams come to life, Frank Jewelers offers custom jewelry design. Also, our collections of designer-crafted fashion and bridal jewelry are second to none. For more information about jewelry appraisal, contact us at (815) 235-3169, or visit us at our Freeport, Illinois showroom today!

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