The Heavenly Halo: Our Favorite Halo Engagement Rings

Halo engagement rings have soared in popularity in recent years. The glamorous halo style, which features a center stone that’s surrounded by a heavenly “halo” of smaller stones, has quickly become one of the most in-demand engagement ring styles. While the sudden prevalence of halo engagement rings has led many people to think that the halo design is modern, it’s actually an antique style. The halo setting can be traced back to the Georgian era and it’s been popular in numerous other eras, including the Victorian era and the Art Deco era. 

The rich history of halo engagement rings is one of the best things about this engagement ring style, since it inherently creates so much variety. When you shop for halo engagement rings today, you’ll find a mixture of styles, with some leaning more modern and some leaning more vintage or antique. Many of today’s halo engagement rings follow the more modern trend, which favors a halo that seamlessly echoes the shape of the ring’s center stone. Then, other halo engagement rings take inspiration from past eras, incorporating design elements such as the floral-inspired patterns of the Victorian era or the bold geometric shapes of the Art Deco era. 

There’s a lot to love within the halo engagement ring category. So, if you’re shopping for a halo engagement ring, which halo style should you choose? Below, we’re featuring some of our favorite halo engagement rings to give you some engagement ring inspiration. Read on to get a closer look at our favorite halo designs, which include both modern and vintage-inspired styles. 

Floral Halo Engagement Ring With Diamond Band

Floral Halo Engagement Ring With Diamond Band in 14k White Gold 

This gorgeous engagement ring offers a unique take on the classic, vintage-inspired floral halo design. While it’s more common for floral-inspired halo rings to feature round diamonds upon their halo, this dazzling piece instead uses marquise cut diamonds. Here, eight horizontally arranged marquise cut diamonds create scalloped halo around the ring’s center stone, creating a distinctly beautiful effect. Pave-set round diamonds add additional brilliance along the engagement ring’s 14k white gold band, further enhancing this romantic design’s icy allure. 

Art Deco Inspired Halo Diamond Engagement Ring 

Art Deco Inspired Diamond Halo Engagement Ring in 14k White Gold 

This eye-catching engagement ring harkens back to a vintage era in which halo engagement rings were all-the-rage: the Art Deco era. Geometric, Art Deco inspired elements can be seen throughout this design, featured in its halo setting, its center diamond shape, and its distinctive band. At the center of this piece lies a princess cut diamond, which creates a bold geometric centerpiece. The square shape of this princess cut diamond interplays with the variety of shapes that make up the ring’s angular, asscher-shaped halo, which is set with circular round cut diamonds and rectangular baguette cut diamonds. The geometric elements within this ring extend to its band, which features lines of round cut diamonds upon three sides of its squared band. Vintage-inspired milgrain engravings accent the smaller diamonds that rest upon the sides of this ring’s band, adding a lovely finishing touch to this artfully designed, vintage-inspired piece. 

Oval Halo Engagement Ring With Diamond Band 

Oval Halo Engagement Ring With Diamond Band in 14k Rose Gold 

This halo engagement ring is delicate, intricate, and utterly romantic. Here, an oval cut center diamond rests within a halo setting that shows off one of this style’s most loved advantages: its ability to add visual impact to more delicate center stones. This setting features a gleaming rose gold inner bezel and an oval-shaped halo set with more than a dozen round cut diamonds. This expertly designed halo simultaneously adds to the intricacy of the ring’s design and the impact of the ring’s oval-shaped center stone. Additional accent diamonds rest in bezel and pave settings along this ring’s rose gold band, echoing the design elements within the ring’s halo setting and creating a harmoniously brilliant look. 

Floral Halo Engagement Ring With Twisted Diamond Band 

Floral Halo Engagement Ring With Twisted Diamond Band in 14k White Gold 

This floral-inspired halo engagement ring is at once romantic and unmistakably glamorous. Here, a breathtaking 3/4 carat round cut diamond rests within a dazzling halo setting adorned with twelve round brilliant cut accent diamonds. Together, this ring’s center diamond and halo create the impression of a glittering diamond flower. This stunning floral-inspired centerpiece rests atop an open, twisted band set with round diamonds, which brings the setting’s total diamond weight to 5/8 ctw. 

Cushion Shaped Halo Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring 

Cushion Cut Shaped Halo Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring in 14k White Gold 

This modern halo engagement ring style is intricate, brilliant, and captivating. Here, an array of round cut diamonds rest within a cushion shaped halo setting. These artfully arranged round cut diamonds create a dazzling, cushion shaped cluster of diamonds at the center of this design. This diamond cluster is adorned with triangular white gold accents, which add to the cluster’s intricate look and ensure a seamlessly brilliant effect. This engagement ring’s mesmerizing diamond centerpiece rests atop a slightly tapered 14k white gold band that adds to the stylish modern look of this design, while also allowing the dazzling intricacy of the ring’s center diamonds to take full focus. 

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