Fashion Jewelry Summer Must Haves

Summer is in full swing, which means it’s time for your summer style to shine. This year, we may be spending less time traveling and more time indoors than in years past. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t still embrace summer’s vibrant vibes and experiment with your summer style-- and what better way to do that than with a beautiful piece of jewelry that can instantly brighten up your look and your day? 

This summer’s trending jewelry styles are all about warmth, individuality, and boldness, making it a particularly good season for playing around with your style. Ready to see the pieces that will have you feeling stylish and sunny this summer? Read on to discover this year’s fashion jewelry summer must haves. 

Criss-Cross Diamond Huggie Hoops

Criss-Cross Diamond Huggie Hoops in 14k Rose Gold 

One of this summer’s biggest jewelry trends is hoop earrings. Hoops of all kinds are trending for summer, but hoops in warmer precious metals (such as rose gold and yellow gold) are particularly en vogue. 

The delicate pair of rose gold huggie hoops pictured above is one of our favorite hoop styles at the moment. These lovely, rosy-hued hoops rest close to the ear, making them subtle enough to be worn at virtually any occasion. But they also have a couple of unique details that make them a stand-out pick. These hoops feature a chic criss-cross design, which adds an elegant and modern element to their style, and a row of round cut diamonds, which amps up their shimmer. With their distinctive design, these hoops will make a stylish statement this summer and for years to come. 

Scattered Baguette Diamond Fashion Ring 

Scattered Baguette Diamond Fashion Ring in 14k White Gold 

Ring stacks were trending in 2019 and this trend is still going strong in 2020. But while 2019’s ring stacks leaned toward minimalistic combinations, this summer’s trending ring stacks often feature more eye-catching rings that allow the wearer to show off their personal style. 

There are so many styles you could incorporate into an on trend ring stack this summer, but we think that the scattered diamond ring featured above is one of the very best. This white gold ring features an array of baguette cut diamonds that are set in a beautiful, eye-catching scattered pattern. We love this ring for summer 2020 because it’s unique enough to make a statement, while also having a rather timeless quality. And, on top of that, it’s an excellent ring for stacking with other pieces-- it pairs well with both bolder styles and more minimalistic styles, making it incredibly versatile. 

Celestial Star and Moon Diamond Earrings 

Celestial Star and Moon Diamond Earrings in 14k Rose Gold and 14k White Gold 

One of the most exciting and fresh trends of 2020 is the celestial trend. Stars, moons, and astrological symbols have had a heavy presence on fashion runways, in fashion magazines, and on social media this year. This trend is rather romantic and whimsical, which makes it a refreshing departure from some of the more minimalistic and edgy styles that have been popular in recent years. 

If you’re interested in incorporating the season’s celestial trend into your summer wardrobe, look no further than these absolutely enchanting star and moon drop earrings. Each of these statement earrings features two moon motifs, with one pure rose gold moon and one white gold moon that’s adorned with diamonds. Rose gold starbursts sway on diamond accented chains that suspend from these glittering moon motifs, adding an ethereal element to these simply spellbinding earrings. 

Interlocked Oval Pendant Necklace 

Interlocked Oval Pendant Necklace in Silver 

This piece combines one of this summer’s biggest jewelry trends, graphic motifs, with classic design elements, making it a more wearable and easy-to-style take on the graphic trend. The foundation of this piece features all the hallmarks of a traditional pendant necklace: a shimmering stone at its center, a glittering bail, and a delicate chain. Then, the interlocked ovals that makeup the pendant’s shape add a graphic element to this necklace that is at once bold and graceful. With its on trend silhouette and its classic foundation, this pretty pendant offers the best of both worlds. 

Amethyst and Diamond Mixable Ring 

Amethyst and Diamond Mixable Ring in 14k White Gold 

This beautiful amethyst and diamond fashion ring is timelessly beautiful. Then, it also happens to fit two of the summer season’s jewelry trends: stackable rings and gemstone jewelry. This lovely ring was designed to be mixed and matched with other pieces. It has a sleek, slim profile that allows it to pair perfectly with other rings, so it will be a useful addition to your summer ring stacks. This ring will also add both color and shimmer to any look, as it features softly colored amethysts and brilliant round cut diamonds. 

Customizable Disc Pendant 

Customizable Disc Pendant, Pictured With Location Customization Option

Last up in our look at summer’s jewelry trends and must have pieces, we have the personalized jewelry trend. This trend fits with one of the overarching themes of the season: fashion that helps you express your individuality. A variety of pieces are trending within the personalized jewelry category, including monogram pieces, nameplate necklaces, astrological designs, and jewelry adorned with meaningful quotes. 

The stunning and sentimental pendant necklace featured above is easily one of our favorite personalizable pieces of the moment. This necklace can be customized with either a special message or a map of a place that’s near and dear to your heart, offering you numerous ways to express yourself and make your look more “you.” 


Looking for even more summer jewelry to complete your summer outfits? Browse our full collection of fashion jewelry. Our fashion jewelry collection features a wide selection of pieces that fit the season’s fashion trends, such as pearl necklaces, choker necklaces, gemstone drop earrings, dangle earrings, chain necklaces (including on trend chunky gold chain link styles), bangles, ear cuffs, tassel jewelry, and much more. 

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