Create Your Perfect Ring Stack: Styling Ideas and Tips

When it comes to ring stacking, your styling options are basically endless. You can mix bold rings, delicate rings, glam rings, rings with different metals-- there are so many combinations you can try out. But since there are so many ways to style a ring stack, we know that it can sometimes be hard to decide how to create your ideal look. So, to help you put together a ring stack look you’ll adore, we’ve written this guide to ring stack styling! Below, we’ll go over some of our favorite ring stack styling ideas to give you some style inspiration. Then, we’ll go over some useful styling tips to help you refine your ring stack look. 

Ring Stack Styling Ideas 

Go Monochromatic 

This delicately detailed, bezel set 14k White Gold Diamond Wedding Band would look simply lovely in a monochromatic ring stack. 

If you’re new to stacking rings, sticking with just one precious metal at first is a great way to get comfortable with the ring stack styling process. If you opt for rings that are all one color, it gives you an opportunity to get more comfortable playing around with different shapes and proportions. For example, an all white gold ring stack can include bold rings, delicate rings, and rings with unique detailing, but it will always look cohesive, since every ring will be visually tied together through color. 

Mix Your Metals 

This romantic 10k Rose Gold Mixable Diamond Band would add lovely warmth to a mixed metal look. 

For a fashion-forward look, incorporate more than one metal type into your ring stack. A mixed metal ring stack can look incredibly stylish, cool, and personalized. Using mixed metals is also a great way to switch up the style of a bridal set. For instance, if you have a platinum engagement ring and a platinum wedding band, they’ll look quite chic and icy on their own. But if you wear a delicate rose gold ring with your bridal stack, you’ll add a romantic, warm element that will give your wedding set a whole new look. 

Go Delicate and Detailed

This slim, beautifully detailed Diamond and 14k Yellow Gold Band would be the perfect addition to a delicate ring stack. 

If you have a more laid back or understated sense of style, go for a ring stack made of delicate bands. A ring stack that’s made of dainty, thin bands will always look elegant and tasteful, and can also look gorgeously ornate if you mix in some delicately detailed bands. 

Incorporate Chunky Pieces 

Add glamour and bling to your stacked look with this bold 14k Yellow Gold Diamond Wedding Ring

For a bolder ring stack look, incorporate some chunkier stackable rings. You can create a ring stack that’s mostly or solely comprised of bold rings for maximum impact. Or, you can incorporate just one or two chunky statement rings that will amp up the visual intricacy of your look. 

Add Vibrant Color 

Incorporate lush color into your look with this 14k Ruby and Diamond Mixable Ring

Colorful gemstones can add a vibrant, playful touch to a ring stack. With a gemstone look, you can add a pop of color to your ring stack by incorporating just one gemstone ring. Or, you can go for a rainbow look by adding a variety of gorgeous, eye-catching gemstone rings to your stack. Whichever styling option you choose, gemstone rings are a surefire way to liven up your ring stack. 

Ring Stack Tips: Refining Your Look

Don’t Accent All Five Fingers

When you stack rings, it’s easy to accidentally go overboard. If you feel like your ring stack looks a bit cluttered, we have a tip: don’t wear rings on all five fingers. If you leave at least one of your fingers unadorned, your stacked rings will look much more intentional, balanced, and cohesive. 

Balance Your Mixed Metals When Stacking Rings

If you like the idea of a mixed metal ring stack, but just can’t seem to create a mixed metal look you love, think about balance. Sometimes, a mixed metal jewelry stack can start to look messy. When that happens, it’s usually a proportion issue. While you can mix metals in any way you like, most people tend to prefer one of two mixed metal styles: an evenly proportioned look or a look with one dominant metal. So, for example, an evenly proportioned look could have an even balance of yellow gold and white gold pieces. Or, a dominant metal look could be almost all platinum, with just two or three rose gold accent pieces. If you’re not loving your mixed metal look, play around with your proportions. Try out some evenly proportioned ring stacks and some dominant metal ring stacks until you find the look that works for you. 

Play Around With Placement 

If you want to create a visually intricate, yet balanced ring stack, be sure to play around with how you place your rings. Rings in different sizes and shapes can make a ring stack look simply incredible. But sometimes it takes a bit of shuffling to get the balance of a ring stack right. So try switching up your ring placement and pulling rings into or out of your stack until you feel your look has just the right balance. 

Have Fun and Get Creative 

Our last ring stack styling tip is to remember to have fun and get creative with the styling process! Layering jewelry is all about self-expression. So as you play around with different ring stack looks, remember to relax, have fun, and indulge your creative side. Explore new ring styles, try new ring combinations, and just enjoy the styling process. 

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