Buying for Dad doesn’t have to be tough

Every year, it feels like there is a mad scramble to pick out gifts that Dads will love. A perfect Father’s Day gift is one that fits his style, is something he’ll enjoy, and can be enjoyed stress-free. We’ve compiled a list of our top men’s accessories to help you find the gift that fits the bill.

Citizen Axiom AU1062-56G

When it comes to traditional Father’s Day gifts - watches are at the top. They are stylish and functional and come in a wide array of styles for every occasion. Our current obsession is the Citizen Axiom. It’s a simple, elegant watch that looks good on everyone who wears it. Its slim profile makes it a comfortable watch for all day wear, while also promising to elevate any outfit it is a part of. Plus, it comes in both silver and gold-tone so you can rest assured that your dad will love his new timepiece.

Citizen Quartz BF2009-11A

If your Dad is a bit more casual or works with his hands, we recommend the Citizen Quartz watch. The black leather band with alligator skin texture offers a lot of flexibility and movement while keeping it light. This timepiece is a great transition from work to play and makes sense for the father who plays as hard as he works. 

Tiger Eye Beads with Brown Braided and Black Leather Layered Bracelet

Dads who keep up with fashion trends will appreciate how effortlessly this layered bracelet comes together. The bracelet has the right texture and colors to stand out without going overboard. The braided leather mixed with the tiger eye beads and simple black leather band are lightweight and weave together to create a messy, but not careless look that people strive to imitate. The dark neutrals allow this accessory to be worn with almost any outfit.

Inox Black Lava and Tiger Eye Green Beads Bracelet

For dads who are bold and not afraid to be the center of attention, our Inox Black Lava and Tiger Eye Bracelet is a good place to start. This bracelet features genuine stone to create a more rugged, individual look. The dark black lava beads mixed with the green tiger eye and stainless steel create a dramatic effect that catches the eye. Due to their hardiness, the stone pieces are among the most versatile of all jewelry for men.

Inox Lapis Lazuli & Meteorite Inlay Steel Ring

Dads who appreciate history and space will be in awe of this ring. Inox has outdone itself by creating a ring from a meteorite that crashed into Earth over 120,000 years ago. This ring features lapis lazuli - a beautiful, blue-toned stone surrounded by a meteorite laid in stainless steel. Due to the materials, every ring features unique striations and patterns and is one-of-a-kind. 

Inox Antique Stamped Brass Dragon & Stainless Steel Polished Ring

If your dad likes Vikings, Game of Thrones, D&D, or other high fantasy, this ring is sure to impress. This hefty ring, intricately carved with stamped brass, features a dragon ready to strike. The contrast between the brass dragon on the black dragon scale background and the stainless steel band means that it catches the eye of everyone in the room. It is the ultimate ring to showcase power and strength and is perfect for the dad who rules his kingdom with an iron fist. 

Inox Stainless Steel & Gold IP 7mm Speckled Figaro Chain Necklace

A classic necklace for dads who enjoy simplicity. Gold chains have been a symbol of luck and wealth across the globe for generations. Gold chains are the perfect everyday wear item. They are durable, lightweight, and simple enough to transition from casual to work to formal with no additional work. This speckled Figaro chain necklace features tiny indentations for a subtle twist on this necklace.

Wrapping Up

All of these accessories have been handpicked from our best sellers to offer a wide range to dads from all walks of life. The most important thing is to thank your dad for being there for you and show him you appreciate his efforts in your life. Many dads feel like their efforts go unnoticed and underappreciated, so trying to make a heartfelt difference can go a long way in making this Father’s Day a real treat.