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Characteristics of Luxury Watches

To truly appreciate a luxury watch education and experience is required. Luxury timepieces tell the time like any other timepiece, however, “luxury” adds something more to a wrist clock that transcends trends. To be considered luxurious, a watch must display the following features: craftsmanship, durability, designed by master horologists in Swiss facilities, able to tell time accurately, include valuable substances in its design, and structure, and is able to stand apart from standard watches in both elegance and beauty. Ultimately, a luxury timepiece is “timeless in time” and can be worn over several generations without losing its value.

Popular Collections of Luxury Watches at Frank Jewelers

Our Bulova collection, which comes with the first ever tuning-fork technology, is the most accurate luxury watch in the world. The brand celebrates femininity for her and accuracy for him. Beautiful polish, exquisite patterns and a one-of-a-kind timing mechanism make this brand great for those who like to look good, as well as be on time. Our Reactor watch collection is great for outdoor and sports enthusiasts alike. Made for both men and women, Reactor watches are built to endure rugged activities with their forged cases and screw-down crowns but also meant to be worn at more stylish events with their gold plated, stainless steel trimmings and leather straps.

Additional Luxury Watch Collections

No luxury watch collection would be complete without including Rolex. For over a century, Rolex has provided adventurous types with a durable and sturdy timepiece that can be worn at the top of a mountain and at a five-star restaurant on the same day. The brand is most known for its self-winding mechanisms and the first-ever waterproof wrist clock, Oyster. Swarovski watches are made from Swiss Quartz and faceted crystals. For over 120 years, the company has been using master craftsmanship and precious materials to forge one of the most elegant series of timepieces in existence. Simply put, Swarovski equals luxury.

Why Shop for Luxury Watches at Frank Jewelers?

Doing business for over 70 years has not only made us part of the community for but part of the family for many of our customers. Located in the downtown district of Freeport, Illinois, we have been supplying luxury watches, diamonds, gold accessories and other luxury items to the nearby cities of Rockford, Monroe, Sterling, South Beloit, Lena, Stockton, Shannon, and Winnebago for many years, which is why we are the most trusted name in luxury within the region.

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